July 6 - 9

Meet our new Summer Academy nominees

Thomas Smolders
December 24, 2019

This summer ten youngsters will gather in Ellezelles, Wallonia, to find out how they can help Bednet finding an innovative solution to optimize the overall user experience for teachers, fellow students and the “Bednetters” themselves. During a unique 4-day challenge they’ll work on this business case with the help of the best experts in the industry.

In the upcoming weeks we'll present you the nominees who survived the selection for the In The Pocket Summer Academy. Here are the candidates! Note that two people are missing - you'll get to know them in two weeks.

Wout Vandesompele, Student Devine

‘The concept of the Summer Academy immediately made me think of my education: helping a customer by searching for the best solution and turning it into a beautiful whole, that’s what I love to do. In an ever-changing world it’s important to keep learning. I would consider myself to be a more creative type: every developer has his own approach or his own coding style, but to make them work together creative thinking and strict guidelines are needed.’

Bente Verjans, Student Interaction Design

‘I signed up for the Summer Academy because I am looking for new challenges. It is a huge opportunity to learn from an innovative digital company such as In The Pocket and to get to know new people. I’m really proud that I became Interaction Designer, as it wasn’t the most obvious choice for me. Along the way I learned a lot by being open to new experiences and by daring to experiment.’

Amos Vandeputte, Student Communication Sciences

'I registered for the Summer Academy because I like to take on a challenge and be creative with others. I learned in the past that spontaneous decisions often proved to be the most valuable, so hopefully, that's also the case here. I would describe myself as creative, but I always start with technical analysis.'

Rob Hofman, Student Industrial Engineer

'In my studies, I learned a lot about technical matters, but I barely came into contact with users. The Summer Academy seems to me to be an ideal way to work with people from different backgrounds. On a professional level, I used to be a fan of Elon Musk for a long time, but nowadays I would choose Satya Nadella. The man who has transformed Microsoft from a boring company into a hip global player in the tech scene, thanks to his clear vision and a love for open source.'

Jana Desomer, Student Devine

'If I have to choose between creativity and technology, I choose creativity. Being expressive is very important to me, although I especially like the combination of the two. The Summer Academy, therefore, seems to me to be an ideal place to learn from experienced professionals and a way to challenge myself.'

Linn De Borger, Student Project Development

'In my study Product Development, I learned that good teamwork is the key to the success of a successful design process. That's why I'm very curious to meet a lot of nice and interesting people during the Summer Academy!'

Gilles Willemot, Student Applied Informatics

'I like to seize opportunities with both hands, because they may not pass twice. For example, I recently had the opportunity to develop an app for a trade fair at Flanders Expo and I worked on the REVA app. Just like Rob, I am a fan of Elon Musk, but I also admire people like Linus Torvalds and Lieven Scheire.'

Charlotte Verschuere, Student Product Development

'After five years of studying, it is time to push my limits and learn from people with different backgrounds. I look up to professionals who enjoy their work and the projects they're working on. As long as you can manage that, life seems like a paradise.'

Margaux Van Linthoudt, Student Idea & Innovation Management

'In my Idea & Innovation Management studies I got to know design sprints, which makes me familiar with the concept. I mainly look up to entrepreneurs who are down to earth. One of them is David Rasson, a Transformation and Innovation Manager at ING.'

Rose Thys, Student Visual Arts

‘I am a digital designer with knowledge of and great interest in new technologies such as VR, AR, apps and gamification. During the Summer Academy I would like to apply and improve my knowledge about design and new technologies, learn new skills, get to know the working of In The Pocket better and make interesting contacts.’

Yens Broothaers, Student New Media Development

'I am always open to new challenges. It seems interesting to me to experience how ideas are created and what the approach is of the others. As a developer, I like to work on the technical aspect and think about solutions, but I also get satisfaction from the creative development of a project.'

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