July 6 - 9

Summer Academy joins forces with Bednet

Brett Dufort & Thomas Smolders
December 24, 2019

We are super excited to announce the challenge for the third edition of our Summer Academy, the annual 4-day design & development challenge for a dozen of enthusiastic graduates.

In four days time, we’ll tackle a challenge in a so-called design sprint, which finds its roots in Design thinking. Previous years, we collaborated with Refu Interim to help political refugees obtain their first Belgian job and with public broadcaster VRT to come up with the best way to get young people excited about the elections.

For this year’s challenge, we’ll team up with Bednet. This organisation offers schools synchronous internet education (SIE) a.k.a. real-time distance learning. It ensures that children and adolescents who are absent from school due to illness, surgery or pregnancy can continue attending lessons – from their home or hospital and with their own class, by providing a series of tailor-made lessons.

The goal of the challenge is to leverage new technologies to find an innovative solution to help optimise the overall user experience for teachers, fellow students and the “Bednetters” themselves.

Together with the lucky nominees, we’ll try to tackle this challenge and support them intensively with understanding the problem, exploring the different possibilities and prototyping & pitching their most innovative and impactful solution for Bednet. In this process, our 10 graduates will learn from the best and use skills that are often overlooked in the classrooms. It’s the perfect way to kickstart your career!

By doing this, we hope we can help this amazing charity continue to grow and achieve its aims and ambitions.

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