July 8 - 11


This is how your days will look like at our Summer Academy.

01 Input

On the first day of the Summer Academy, you will collect a lot of input. Those who want to build a digital product must not only know why it is developed, but also for whom. That’s why we invite several experts to our villa. Among them, people who represent our client. They provided us with firsthand insights into how their organisation works and what challenges they are currently facing. These things will allow you to develop a very clear understanding of the target audience and their specific challenges.

02 workshops

With the knowledge of the first day in mind, you and your team will go to work. In the morning sessions, your team will focus on defining a very specific challenge to solve. Something that is tangible enough to work with during the weekend, yet ambitious enough to solve. You'll cluster your notes from day one into empathy maps, which will help to create a clear and visual overview of the different challenges. From those insights, each team will select one specific challenge.

03 Building

On the third day you will turn sketches into actual working prototypes. In between the hard work on the prototypes, our coaches will teach you a thing or two on how to give the perfect pitch. This way you will be perfectly prepared for the pitch on the last day.

04 The pitch

After all the hard work you'll presenting your idea to the client and a jury. 

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